Passion & Mission

Our mission is to help our clients thrive by delivering professional, creative, and affordable marketing solutions combined with truly personal customer support. We deliver results in a cost-effective and easy to understand approach. It is always our goal to work hard and fulfill your needs, by treating each project like it’s our own. We believe no business should be left behind solely because of size.

We Understand

BlackPoint Creative is a small business and we understand the time, financial, and operational constraints that small businesses and organizations face. That is why we desire to bring our experience, quality, and professionalism to you. We offer affordable solutions and offer very flexible payment options. Our goal is to help you be seen, be heard, and be successful.


Our team has over 30 years of experience in the Retail, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Government, Academic and Non-profit sectors, which proves valuable for our clients.

Our Process


We do intensive research at the start of each project to establish your business goals and objectives and offer creative solutions to save you both time & money.


Design isn’t just colors, fonts, and images. It is the process of connecting your customer’s journey with your business objectives in the form of
sketches, site maps, wireframes, and prototypes.


Once all of the research and design work is “complete” we implement the experience.


We make sure that everything functions as expected, appears the way it is supposed to and meets your expectations!

You shouldn’t have to work with 4 different companies just to get the services, experience, and results you want. Instead, BPC can create a custom, comprehensive plan for your business’ unique needs. Maybe you need it all, or maybe you only need a little help – whether you want paid media, content marketing, social media management, branding, logo, or web design – whatever your goals, we can help you reach them!

We charge by the hour from $145 to $185. For rush jobs, rebuilds, corrections, after 5pm M-F and weekends you can count on paying double the hourly rate.

Projects for 6 month or longer can expect to pay around $250-$400,000.

Business Plans run from $8,000. To $22,000.

Digital services require all Ad monies and Mgn fees to be paid up front.

Our Team


Mathew Konkler serves as Managing Partner of BlackPoint Creative, LLC. As Managing Partner, Mr. Konkler focuses on operations, strategic vision, innovation and alliances.


Jenna McKinney is one of three founding partners at BlackPoint Creative, focusing on public relations, marketing and IP targeting for political campaigns, associations, and industry. She is also the founder and president of Montana Consulting Services.

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